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Our doctors have spearheaded the cause of providing genuine Ayurvedic healthcare to people across the globe.Currently their services can be availed at our center in Dharamshala.


Ayurvedic doctors dharamshalaDr. J P   Guleria 
MD (Ayu.)

Dr. Guleria went to the prestigious Rajeev Gandhi Ayurvedic College Paprola,the leading Ayurveda Institute in India.He graduated in 2006 and  completed his Postgraduation in 2011 with high academic credentials.

He served as Assistant Professor in the Jammu Instt. of Research in Ayurveda and Mai Bhago Ayurvedic Medical College for women, Muktsar (Punjab state)

He has mastered the ‘guna’ (properties) based concept of Ayurveda.He does intensive research on the management of Neurological and Gastrointestinal disorders.Since 2010 he has conducted research and done pioneering work in the treatment of Pancreatitis with Ayurvedic medicine.

He was invited by the surgery department of the prestigious ‘Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research’, Chandigarh,North India for conducting a joint research.He has contributed articles in national dailies/weeklies for the common people.

He is a peer reviewer for the International Ayurvedic Medical Journal and a featured author for curejoy.com

He has participated as speaker in different state and national conferences. Every year he is invited to be the resource person in the annual ‘Traditional Healers Meet’ in the Himalayan region.His personal mission is to bring Ayurveda back to every household.He is invited by eminent organisations like Lanco foundation,Pragya international and CEVA  to conduct Ayurveda health and educational camps in the remotest parts of the country.

Apart from being a good clinician he also likes to share his knowledge with those keenly interested in learning Ayurveda through interactive lectures.

He follows a simple lifestyle and purity of thought.These are the qualities of nature and an Ayurvedic doctor must be in sync with nature.Then nature blesses him with the power of intuition which transmutes the clinician’s technical proficiency to intuitive healing.


Dharamshala Ayurveda doctors

Dr. Vibhor Sharma

M.S. (Ayu)                                                                                                                     

Dr. Sharma went to the prestigious Rajeev Gandhi Ayurvedic College Paprola,the leading Ayurveda Institute in India.He graduated in 2006 and completed his postgraduation in 2010.

He worked as Assistant Professor in Mai Bhago Ayurvedic Medical College for women, Muktsar (Punjab state) and Resident Surgeon – Bhandari ENT Hospital, Amritsar (Punjab state).

His core area of interest is Ear Nose Throat disorders and Panchakarma.

He has been a guest faculty at numerous conferences and workshops throughout the country.Renowned for his clinical acumen,analytical approach and clarity of expression towards solving different problems with Ayurvedic Medicine.

He is a brilliant academician.Delivers invited lectures in various forums,has presented papers in various national conferences.


Dharamshala healersProf Dhurav Kumar

 Advanced Healer

Has vast experience in the field of mysticism. Master of  various meditation techniques like Vipasanna,Kundalini,Natraj,Humming etc .He believes that the experience of these techniques can assure a person of immense power hidden in every human being .This power if used creatively can open new doors of knowledge.

He has authored 4 books and conducted sessions in prestigious universities. People from across the globe like to attend his sessions and feel healing taking place immediately.