Pulmonary Hypertension is an abnormal elevation in pulmonary artery pressure. Pulmonary artery sends impure blood from the right heart to the lungs for purification. Pure blood from the lungs is then sent to the left heart through the pulmonary vein. From here blood reaches all parts of the body.   Pulmonary artery pressure will.. read more →

  Ayurveda and Vitamins The concept of vitamins is another example of scientific reductionism. Modern science commits the mistake of characterising whole foods by the health effects of specific nutrients. This has led to the emergence of a multi-billion dollar nutrient supplement industry driven by huge profits. And nobody is really sure whether these supplements.. read more →

Dissolving ourselves in others inspires us. For example, when we dissolve ourselves in the river flowing,  we feel inspired. If we dissolve ourselves in the song of a nightingale or some other bird as John Keats and P.B Shelly did, we get inspired. But the moment we realize that we are separate and Nightingale is.. read more →

4 Reasons why Panchakarma cannot be done at home This might break your heart but yes Panchakarma cannot be done at home. Panchakarma is a set of clinical procedures mentioned in classical Ayurvedic texts.You can read here to know more about Panchakarma. More and more people now want to explore and experience these age old.. read more →

How we deal with Chronic Kidney disease  using Ayurveda What Ayurveda says about chronic kidney disease? According to Ayurveda urine formation starts in intestine itself although filtration takes place in kidneys. Imbalance of agni (fire element ) disturbs  the process of formation and filtration of urine, Malformed urine leads to accumulation of wastes in the.. read more →

Ayurveda-The ray of hope in Interstitial lung disease We have treated a wide variety of cases of Interstitial lung disease (ILD) . Results vary depending upon age and extent of lung damage. Minimum 3 months of treatment are required to show clinical improvement . Remarkable improvement has been noticed in a number of patients where the extent.. read more →

     Universal Music Music has a vital role to play in our life, because the entire universe is singing. There is one song going on eternally. Every particle of the universe is immersed in this song, as it were in the depth of meditation, anyone can hear this music. It won’t be wrong to.. read more →

Chronic Pancreatitis in Ayurveda Introduction Pancreas also known as aganashaya/grahani is celebrated as the special seat of agni (fire) in the body.                                                                  .. read more →

Ayurvedic eating etiquettes  are highly evolved. Knowing how to eat is of as much importance as knowing what to eat and what not to eat. According to Charaka’ -ancient Ayurvedic scholar following things should be kept in mind while eating to derive nourishment for body, mind and soul.   1. Warm (Ushnam) Food should always be.. read more →

Astringent taste also known as ‘kashaya rasa ‘ in Ayurveda is not considered a taste according to the modern science as it is merely a sensation carried by somato sensory fibers to brain and not perceived by taste buds. This taste is abundant in nature found in all the green leafy vegetables and raw fruits.. read more →