Ayurveda Detox / Wellness Packages in Dharamshala

Dharamshala Ayurveda Packages

    Our Patients Enjoying Vedic Food

Ayurveda has the solution for all your healthcare needs. Whether you are suffering from a nagging  ailment or you are a stressed out individual looking to rejuvenate or detox yourself .

While our main priority is treating sickness, people who don’t suffer from any major ailments or symptoms but just want to detox their bodies are also welcome to do wellness or detox treatments  with us.

Our bodies and minds are exposed to many toxins in daily lives. These include refined foods and oils, food preservatives, pesticides, artificial colors, taste enhancers, heavy metals,air pollutants etc. The toxins need to be thrown out of the bodies from time to time otherwise they will damage the system and the symptoms of disease will appear sooner or later.

According to Ayurveda no two individuals are same. The treatments will also vary in every case even if the symptoms in two people are exactly the same. So at HimVeda we don’t offer any fancy packages. Each case will be analysed thoroughly and then the treatments will be decided.

You can write to us giving a brief history of your complaints and we will revert back to you as to what we think the treatments will be and how long you need to stay. Although the final set of treatments will be decided at the time of first personal consultation.

How will the detox be carried out

The detox procedures are known as ‘Shodhana’ which implies purification. Panchakarma treatments along with an Ayurvedic diet and herbs form the basis of purification in Ayurveda. Our food is home cooked ,fresh organic and herbs are collected from the surrounding Himalayas.

Do’s and don’ts during Detox

The body will become very sensitive during detox. It will be vulnerable to excesses that we commit during and just after treatments. Following have to be avoided during Panchakarma detox:

  • Talking loudly
  • Travelling
  • Long walks
  • Exercise (Including Yoga)
  • Sitting in the same pose for long duration
  • Eating in between meals
  • Daytime sleeping
  • Unhealthy or junk foods
  • Sex
  • Suppressing natural urges like urge to defectate micturate etc.

All in all its going to be a challenge to commit oneself to the treatments and lifestyle. If one is willing to commit to these restrictions then the benefits of treatments can be derived to the fullest.

On the other hand if one desires for more touristic experience wherein one can enjoy tavelling , sight seeing , Yoga sessions, tasty (spicy) foods along with treatments then its advised to go for treatments at an Ayurvedic resort or spa.