14 Nov 2012
November 14, 2012

R R Sharma – Dharamshala H.P.

Rishi DharamshalaMy Father was diagnosed for diabetes 7 years back. Then he developed complications like pus discharge from heel, decreased vision right eye, aneamia. Few months back he started vomiting, for which he was referred to Medical College Tanda and he was diagnosed as having septic shock and from here he was sent to Fortis Chandigarh, kept in ICU. His Creatinine and Urea levels had shot up Hb had come down. He was discharged in a stable condition, although his creatinine and urea still high. He was put on dietary restriction(renal diet) and was prescribed and was prescribed Erythropoietin injection for anaemia as well as Insulin therapy.His creatinine and urea start rising again after few days. Then Ayurvedic treatment at HimVeda “Himachal Ayurvedic Hospital” Dharamshala, was started. After 15 days of treatment his creatinie and urea levels have come down significantly Hb has risen from 9.5 to 11gm.He feels much fresher and active. Now he has to undergo eye surgery for CRVO due to which his medicines have been discontinued. After surgery we are looking forward to continue ayurvedic treatment.

Rishi Ranjan Sharma


email : ranrishi@gmail.com

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